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About Sambar Cafe


The Indian Cuisine is as varied as its culture, languages, regions and its environment. Every central part of India brings its unique recipes and subtle variations to traditional dishes. Aromatic spices are the heart of Indian cuisine.

We at Sambar cafe strive to provide the finest and most authentic South Indian cuisine experiences. We serve authentic food dishes & cuisines cooked using pure & fresh food ingredients. No food colours or additives are mixed in any of our food or ingredients.

We believe in quality at an affordable rate. Hence all the items on our menu are reasonably priced and immensely loved. Sambar Cafe is a delightful mix of a place being incredibly personal, a fun-loving hangout, poetic surroundings, a perfect meal complemented with a perfect cup of coffee.

Relax, unwind & enjoy.


That includes everyone who works for us & each one of you! Our team is attentive, spirited, loving and kind. We support & nurture our team members to give their best and grow professionally. We work hard and try our best to get better. Your trust means the world to us and we won’t stop working towards it.


Quality Foods

We at Sambar Café do not negotiate on Quality. Every ingredient that is allowed through our door is mindfully chosen from the local farmers, mfgrs. and marketers.

Original Recipes

You will be on a culinary journey of South Indian specialties right through Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka to satiate every palate.


Right from drinks to dessert our food is authentic South Indian and is 100% vegetarian. All the ingredients & spices are carefully selected to ensure utmost authentic flavour.

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Not just a cafe, but Lifestyle an Experience

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Community is at the core of each decision we make, and it goes beyond our Cafe. Join us, welcome to our World!